flagAmerican Infidels is an American Motorcycle Club and a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the promotion of the “American Way”.

We passionately support our Military Members and Veterans. We believe as American Infidels that the freedoms that have been bestowed upon us are not to be taken for granted; and to never forget that the ideals and freedoms we live by and enjoy are a direct result of the bloodshed on the battlefields by the warriors that have come before us. These brothers in arms un-selfishly sacrificed the enjoyment of their freedoms so that we could live the “American Way!”

American Infidels reject and oppose anti-American views that are being propelled by Islamic Terrorists and Fundamentalist groups.

We shall forever honor those that have sacrificed for us!

OUR PRIMARY GOAL is to promote the Ideals and beliefs that founded this country. We aim to develop a bond between all Righteous Americans that Believe in the freedoms that were given to us by the founding fathers and protected by the War Veterans that came before us.